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Surgical Errors Archives

Post-surgical errors in treatment can be catastrophic

Oregon residents who are about to undergo a surgical procedure are often concerned with the risks involved in the surgery itself. What many may not realize is that the treatment they receive before and after the procedure is just as important. Post-surgical errors can have devastating consequences.

Study finds that surgical errors include medication mistakes

When Oregon residents think about what can go wrong during a surgical procedure, many of them might not consider that being given the wrong medication is a possibility. Patients are often given more than one medication during a procedure, and if they are not given the proper medication or dosage, it could be disastrous. In fact, one study found that surgical errors involving medications are more common that anyone would like to believe.

Some surgical errors sound more like myth than reality

It may seem more like myth than reality that an Oregon surgeon could leave a foreign object inside a patient's body. However, this is just one of the surgical errors that occurs more frequently than anyone would like. One estimate shows that every week nearly 39 patients end up with foreign objects left in them by surgeons.

Surgical errors are not the only mistakes that injure or kill

When Oregon residents prepare to undergo a surgical procedure, a good portion of their angst most likely surrounds what might go wrong during the surgery. However, surgical errors are not the only mistakes that can injure or kill a patient. Post-operative complications cause many patients serious or fatal injuries and illnesses.

Man claims several surgical errors led to his health issues

Many Oregon readers may not recognize the technical term "laparoscopic cholecystectomy." Some may know it as referring to the removal of the gallbladder and gall stones. These days, it is often considered a routine operation. However, surgical errors can -- and sometimes do -- occur.

Oregon patients may be able to track surgical errors

Oregon residents might agree that it would be helpful to know how many mistakes their potential surgeons had made during prior procedures. A new website may be able to provide that information. After won the right to access records kept by Medicare, it put together the website in order to track surgical errors.

Robotic surgical errors cause deaths and injuries to patients

Many hospitals and surgical centers in Oregon may employ the use of robots for some surgical procedures. Patients may be lured into a false sense of security regarding the safety of these procedures since the likelihood of human error is dramatically reduced. However, patients and their families need to be aware that robotic surgical errors do occur and have led to death and injuries to patients.

Patient safety cannot be waived in a medical consent form

Readers of this medical malpractice blog know how important it is for a doctor to inform a patient of the risks and uncertainties that may surround a proposed treatment. Without that information, a patient’s decision cannot constitute informed consent. 

What can you do to protect yourself from surgical errors?

Entering a hospital or outpatient surgery center to undergo a procedure can be an understandably unnerving process. That's because you are not only worried about whether the operation will prove successful, but also whether you may fall victim to some sort of medical malpractice.

Must you sue for medical malpractice to get a fair settlement?

Sometimes you can’t get a fair settlement until you actually go to trial. Consider the example of a recent medical negligence case brought by a dental surgery patient. The woman claims that her surgery, a simple extraction of a baby tooth, left her with permanent nerve damage.