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Family settles suit for $4 million after alleged delivery errors

The first seconds of a person's life are often the most fragile. Any mistakes made during childbirth can affect the child for the rest of his or her life. Doctors and nurses in Oregon and across the country are usually focused and attentive to both the mother and baby during all phases of the delivery process. However, mistakes or negligence during this delicate process can have life-long implications for both the parents and child. In another state, a lawsuit was filed after delivery errors resulted in brain injuries to a newborn.

$40 million awarded to family of girl who suffered birth injury

The most joyful occasion in the lives of Oregon couples is the birth of their children. Unfortunately, this wonderful experience can be a time of tragedy when a birth injury occurs. Errors made during delivery may cause the child and parents a lifetime of pain and suffering. A girl in another state was recently awarded millions of dollars from a lawsuit that was filed by her parents after the girl allegedly suffered a spinal cord injury during birth.

Family awarded settlement of $15M due to birth injury

The birth of a child is a moment of great joy and excitement for parents in Oregon and around the world. This joyous experience can quickly turn tragic when negligence by a doctor or nurse leaves a newborn baby with a birth injury. Unfortunately, when mistakes happen in the delivery room, the child and family have to live with the consequences. A family in another state filed a lawsuit against a hospital after their daughter suffered brain damage during delivery.

2 medical malpractice lawsuits allege delivery errors

The birth of a child is one of the most remarkable and joyous experiences in the lives of Oregon parents. However, joy can quickly turn to anger and despair when negligence during delivery leaves a new baby permanently disabled. Unfortunately, delivery errors happen more than most people realize. Recently, two families filed separate lawsuits against a midwife in another state after one infant perished and another was badly injured.

Couple awarded $14.5 million in obstetrical malpractice suit

The birth of a child is one of the most amazing experiences in the lives of parents. Its unfortunate when this experience is turned into a tragedy by negligent care during delivery. Despite years of training and experience, obstetricians in Oregon and across the United States still make mistakes. When mistakes are made in the delivery room, both the newborn and the mother may suffer. Recently, a couple in another state received a substantial monetary judgment with regard to their obstetrical malpractice lawsuit.

Settlement reached in obstetrical malpractice claim

Preeclampsia is a dangerous condition that many pregnant women here in Oregon and elsewhere develop. The condition is characterized by high blood pressure, swelling in the extremities and protein in the urine, along with other symptoms. If a pregnant woman develops preeclampsia, it can lead to seizures and death for either or both the mother and the child. If a doctor fails to diagnose the condition and appropriate measures are not taken to protect the mother and her unborn child, it could constitute obstetrical malpractice.

Delivery errors led to child's brain damage, according to jury

When a child is born with brain damage, Oregon parents will surely have questions. When the answers to those questions point to delivery errors, parents may be devastated that the people they trusted to bring their child into the world made mistakes that will have lifelong repercussions for the whole family. This is what happened to a family from out-of-state, and a jury recently decided that the boy's brain damage was due to medical mistakes. It awarded the family a $53 million medical malpractice judgment. 

Parents sue for delivery errors that permanently injured baby

Having a baby is supposed to be one of the most joyous occasions in Oregon parents' lives. However, when delivery errors occur that cause permanent injuries to their newborns, dreams they may have had for their children could be shattered. A child may be left with a debilitating handicap that could require medical care and other accommodations for the rest of his or her life.

Obstetrical malpractice claim filed by mother of stillborn child

Most Oregon mothers would agree that being pregnant is one of the most exciting and frightening experiences a woman will ever go through. Expectant mothers are at risk for a number of complications during pregnancy, and they rely on their obstetricians to take care of them and their unborn children. When a doctor betrays the trust of an expectant mother, it may constitute obstetrical malpractice.