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Failure to Diagnose Archives

Failure to diagnose TB left man wheelchair bound

What began as a backache in June 2012 rapidly degraded to paralysis by Jan. 2013. A man claims that doctors incorrectly diagnosed his condition despite several opportunities to discover what was wrong with him. It may not surprise many Oregon readers that he ultimately filed a lawsuit alleging that their failure to diagnose his condition properly led to him being bound to a wheelchair.

Did a failure to diagnose lead to a mother's death?

Oregon residents rely on emergency room doctors to quickly and correctly diagnose their conditions or to seek additional advice if a diagnosis cannot be made readily. This is what a family from another state relied upon back in 2013 when they say a failure to diagnose bleeding on a woman's brain led to her death. On Dec. 14, 2013, the wife and mother of two children suffered what appeared to be a seizure while at home.

A failure to diagnose cancer could be medical malpractice

Many Oregon residents have a high incidence of risk factors for various types of cancer. Therefore, they rely on their physicians to keep them healthy by monitoring them for warning signs. Other doctors may neglect to obtain an accurate family history and would not know to be looking for the warning signs. A failure to diagnose cancer in a timely manner could be the difference between life and death for a patient.

Grieving parents awarded millions in medical wrongful death case

As parents, we do everything we can to protect our children from harm. When it comes to medical procedures that could be life-saving, cost is rarely a consideration. If their child needs it, most parents wouldn't hesitate to pay for it.

A medical misdiagnosis can result in pain and injuries

Some medical conditions may require lengthy diagnostic imaging or several different rounds and/or types of tests before the correct ailment can be determined. However, there is a standard of professional care to which doctors are accountable.

Is the corporate veil a defense against medical negligence?

Many challenges face the medical profession. From changes in health coverage laws to overburdened schedules, a doctor has many responsibilities and pressures. Yet those demands can never be an excuse for negligence or medical errors.

In medicine, more tests are not always better

Computed tomography, or CT scans, can aid in the diagnosis of various types of head trauma, such as traumatic brain injury. A CT scan goes beyond a traditional X-ray by providing images of bones, muscles, fat, organs and even whether blood vessels might be blocked. That additional information may improve doctors' ability to diagnose traumatic brain injury -- even when a patient's outward appearance seems normal.