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Failure to diagnose cancer leads to injuries and a lawsuit

A timely diagnosis is one of the most important weapons in the fight against diseases such as cancer. A diagnosis is often the first step in treating cancer and any delay in the diagnosis process can result in permanent injury to the patient or even death. Even though patients in Oregon and across the country have access to some of the best medical technology the world has ever seen, this technology is useless if a diagnosis is never made in the first place. A failure to diagnose cancer can eliminate any chance for the patient to make a full recovery.

Failure to diagnose allegedly leads to young girl's death

For patients in Oregon and around the world, time is one of the most crucial aspects in fighting diseases. Treatment has a much greater chance at being successful when diseases and sickness are diagnosed sooner rather than later. Great advancements have been made in health care technology to help ensure that patients are diagnosed and treated in a timely manner. Despite these advancements, mistakes can still be made by doctors that can delay life-saving treatment. When a failure to diagnose leads to injuries or death, legal action can be pursued.

Jury awards woman more than $3 million after failure to diagnose

When patients in Oregon go for a medical procedure, they place their trust and lives in the hands of doctors and nurses. Unfortunately, medical professionals can make mistakes and betray the trust of patients. Timing is absolutely crucial when it comes to the successful treatment of patients. A failure to diagnose a disease can delay vital treatment and endanger the life of the patient. A woman in another state was recently awarded over $3 million from a lawsuit she filed after doctors allegedly delayed in diagnosing her with breast cancer.

Failure to diagnose cancer allegedly leads to husband's death

When dealing with diseases such as cancer, an early diagnosis is critical to the survival of the patient. Despite significant advancements in medical technology, failure to diagnose illnesses still occurs at an alarming rate. Oregon citizens have access to state-of-the-art medical care, but this does not prevent doctors from making crucial mistakes. Failing to properly diagnose a patient can delay life-saving treatment. A woman in another state recently filed a lawsuit, alleging that negligence and a delay in treatment led to her husband's death.

Family nets settlement of $4.75 million after failure to diagnose

Oregon citizens are extremely fortunate to have access to state-of-the-art medical care. When it comes to serious diseases such as cancer, timing is everything. An early diagnosis is the main factor in determining a patient's chances of survival. Because of this, the failure to diagnose a disease such as cancer can delay much-needed treatment and have fatal consequences for the patient. The family of a woman in another state recently received a substantial settlement after the woman lost her life due to a belated cancer diagnosis.

Failure to diagnose has permanent ramifications

Timing is crucial when it comes to diagnosing diseases such as cancer. A correct and timely diagnosis is the first and most important step in the survival and recovery of the patient. Unfortunately, failure to diagnose diseases often results in permanent injury to the patient, and in some cases, loss of life. Despite years of training and experience, doctors in Oregon are not exempt from making such mistakes. Recently, a patient in another state filed a lawsuit after doctors allegedly failed to diagnose breast cancer.

Failure to diagnose blood clot cost young woman her leg

At 18 years old, Oregon residents should be looking forward to the future. However, medical conditions can interfere with those futures, and young patients depend on doctors to figure out what is wrong and how to fix the issues. A failure to diagnose can quickly derail any plans for the future by causing permanent injuries or even death.

Failure to diagnose in a timely manner led to man's death

Time is of the essence in many medical emergencies. The failure to diagnose a patient's condition in a timely manner by doctors here in Oregon and elsewhere could cost that person's life. Surviving family members from another state filed a medical malpractice lawsuit, claiming that doctors waited too long to determine that their loved one had a life-threatening condition that ultimately caused his death.

Estate claims that a failure to diagnose led to death of man

Even if the technical aspects of an operation are done correctly, a patient may still encounter health issues afterward. Post-surgical care is essential in order to ensure that an Oregon resident will enjoy a smooth and full recovery. The failure to diagnose a problem after a surgical procedure could lead to complications that could cause permanent injuries or even death. 

Failure to diagnose back injury paralyzed software designer

A former software designer for Microsoft filed a medical malpractice suit in which he made a request that few people here in Oregon or elsewhere would have considered making. As would be expected, he requested and received a monetary settlement (approximately $20 million) from the hospital whose failure to diagnose his fractured back put him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. What is unique about this designer is that he requested -- and received -- the right to work with the hospital that paralyzed him to determine where the breakdowns occurred that led to his permanent injury.