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Mother claims medical malpractice attributed to child's suffering

Parents in Oregon want the best available care for their children, especially when their children are sick. They trust that well-qualified professionals will be able to provide the medical care that their child needs. However, despite years of training and experience, doctors are human, and like all humans, they too make mistakes. Recently, an out-of-state mother took action over claims that misdiagnosis and medical malpractice resulted in prolonged and unnecessary suffering for her son.

Children's dental clinic accused of medical malpractice

Like all medical professionals, dentists are required to treat their patients with care. However, many Oregon residents are unaware that dentists, like physicians, can be held responsible for medical malpractice. Patients involved in dental procedures trust that their dentists are capable professionals, but what happens when these patients are victims of neglect? Recently, multiple lawsuits citing fraud and medical malpractice were filed against a children's dental clinic in another state.

Medical malpractice results in death of toddler

The death of a loved one is a devastating and traumatic experience. The trauma is magnified when a loved one is lost through the negligence of another party. Unfortunately, medical malpractice claims the lives of many Oregon residents each year. It occurs when a health-care provider does not provide the accepted standard of care in the treatment of a patient. Recently, a lawsuit was filed claiming that negligent care attributed to the death of a 3-year-old patient.

Can identifying medical negligence keep it from happening again?

Oregon residents might have seen media reports that errors by doctors are the third leading cause of death in the United States. Medical negligence takes the lives of somewhere between 200,000 and 400,000 patients each year. Numerous studies have been done to determine the mistakes that potentially make being under the care of a physician a hazard to patients' health.

Do doctors make good witnesses in medical malpractice cases?

Since an apology made by a doctor cannot be used against him or her in court here in Oregon, telling the truth could help a family deal with the situation. However, one retired doctor says that many people never get the truth -- and that extends to the doctors who testify on behalf of the doctor who is being sued for medical malpractice. He came forward recently to say that he once lied in court on behalf of a colleague because he was expected to do so.

Can an apology be used as evidence in medical malpractice claim?

Despite years of training and success in treating patients, any physician here in Oregon or elsewhere can potentially make a mistake that ends up causing serious or deadly harm to a patient. When an error is discovered, a doctor might express regret or apologize to the patient and/or the family. In some cases, this is enough to keep the injured party or the family from filing a medical malpractice claim, but in other cases, it is the impetus for filing such a claim.

Negligence claims often arise out of emergency room mistakes

Emergency medicine is often unpredictable since practically any medical problem can present itself at any time. The medical staff that tend to patients who come into the emergency room are able to successfully deal with a multitude of different health problems and injuries, but there is also the potential for mistakes that could put a patient's life in jeopardy. Many negligence claims filed here in Oregon and elsewhere arise out of errors made by emergency room staff.

Is medical negligence to blame for woman's amputations?

Oregon residents might be aware of the fact that there are now virulent bacteria that require aggressive treatment as quickly as possible in order to avoid adverse health consequences. People across the country have suffered serious, permanent disabilities or even died from these bacteria. Some individuals might have been spared had it not been for medical negligence.

Orthopedists and medical malpractice claims

Insurers conduct studies periodically in order to detect trends when it comes to claims. This includes medical malpractice insurers such as The Doctors Company. Recently, this medical malpractice insurer released results of a study regarding claims against orthopedists (doctors who specialize in bones) across the country, which might include some here in Oregon.

Medical malpractice claim has unusual allegations

Most claims against doctors, nurses and hospitals here in Oregon and around the country are based on the errors that were allegedly made by them. A medical malpractice claim filed by a family against a group of doctors and a hospital includes an unusual allegation, in addition to negligence. The family claims that the death of their loved one was due in part to monetary issues between the cardiology group and the hospital that attended to him.