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More than a dozen vets file medical malpractice against VA doctor

Lifetime medical care is one of the benefits the veterans who have defended this country are entitled to due to their service. Each state, including Oregon, has numerous VA hospitals. One would hope that the medical care offered to veterans at these facilities is of the highest quality; however, sometimes it is not. More than a hundred veterans that visited a VA hospital in another state have been notified that they were the victims of medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice filed after child dies from dental procedure

Children in Oregon and across the world are told every day that there is no reason to be scared of the dentist, and most of the time this is true. Normally, dental visits are some of the safest, least invasive medical procedures performed. Like any other medical field of practice, however, it is not without its risks, especially when anesthesia is involved. A family in another state has filed a medical malpractice claim after a 2-year-old child died following a dental procedure that may not have even been necessary.

Medical negligence: Doctor used own sperm for insemination

Infertility is a frustrating, heart-wrenching reality for many couples in Oregon and across the country. The desire to have a child, and the inability to achieve that dream, is one of the hardest challenges many people face. When there's nowhere left to turn, many couples put their dreams in the hands of fertility doctors with the hope and trust that the doctor will carefully and compassionately work to help them achieve their dream of becoming parents. One doctor apparently betrayed that trust and is being sued for medical negligence for taking advantage of a couple desperate to have a child of their own.

Dentist who falsified credentials sued for medical malpractice

Anesthesia is one of the riskiest elements to any surgery because even when carefully administered there can be catastrophic side effects. Many patients have simply quit breathing when under general anesthesia. The expertise required for an anesthesiologist is so imperative that it is unthinkable that a doctor in Oregon or any other state would attempt administering anesthesia without proper training and experience. However, according to a recent medical malpractice lawsuit, that is exactly what happened.

Veteran's widow awarded $800,000 for VA medical malpractice

When a person checks into an Oregon hospital for treatment, he or she does so with faith that the medical staff is competent and armed with a thorough knowledge of ailments, treatments and care. It is assumed that the staff would be careful and educated enough to correctly give medications and be familiar with their uses and interactions. This was not so for the medical staff at one VA hospital in another state where a veteran was repeatedly given the wrong medication. That mistake caused severe damage that took the man's life, so his widow filed a medical malpractice claim against the government and was recently awarded $800,000 for her loss.

Woman awarded $21 million in medical malpractice case

Most people in Oregon would agree that losing an arm or leg can have a significant impact on someone's life. Suddenly, the person has to learn how to do many routine daily activities differently in order to compensate for the missing limb. The loss of a single limb can have life-altering consequences, so to lose all four limbs is almost unimaginable. This became a reality for a woman in another state who lost both arms and legs after being misdiagnosed at the hospital she went to for treatment. She sued for medical malpractice and has recently been awarded $21 million.

Elderly man awarded $636,000 in medical malpractice lawsuit

Nursing homes are a necessary part of life in Oregon and other states. Everyone would prefer to be able to continue living in their homes with their families, but often the need for extra care causes elderly people to need to enter a nursing home. The family hopes that the doctors and nurses that they have entrusted with the care of their loved one will be competent, caring and careful. An elderly man in another state was recently awarded over $600,000 in a medical malpractice lawsuit stemming from inadequate care he received while a resident at a nursing home in 2013.

Hospital faces medical malpractice claim re unauthorized research

Clinical trials are often a wonderful method of testing drugs and finding new treatment options. Many people in Oregon have been saved by being a subject in a clinical trial. Often subjects enroll in one either because they have exhausted their treatment options or because they are offered compensation for participation. Should a doctor or other medical professional be able to enroll a patient in a clinical trial without the person's consent? A woman in another state doesn't think so and is suing her hospital for medical malpractice because she became a subject in a clinical trial without her permission.

Chris Cornell's widow sues his doctor for medical malpractice

Chris Cornell entertained people in Oregon and all over the world as the lead singer of the popular bands Soundgarden and Audioslave. In May 2017 the world was stunned to learn that the singer had been found dead in his hotel room. Cornell had reportedly committed suicide by hanging. His widow has now filed a lawsuit against his doctor for medical malpractice, blaming the doctor for the star's death.

Settlement ends medical negligence trial early

Doctors in Oregon and across the entire country have a tremendous amount of responsibility. They must have thorough knowledge of a vast variety of ailments, medicines and body systems. They must be meticulous in their diagnosis, treatment, communication and record-keeping. If any one of these items is neglected in any way someone's health can be compromised and the doctors may be held financially accountable. That is what happened to a doctor in another state who found himself accused of medical negligence in a wrongful death case.