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Labor and delivery should not result in birth injury

Any Oregon woman who has ever given birth understands how simultaneously exciting, joyous and worrisome the process can be. After approximately nine months of pregnancy that are undoubtedly not without challenge, an expectant mother likely views labor and delivery as a welcomed final step in her journey. Sadly, however, not all journeys end happily, especially when a birth injury occurs.

Episiotomy: Necessary or obstetrical malpractice?

Many women in Oregon and beyond have undergone episiotomy surgery during childbirth. However, as in many other health-related areas, such as those involving risks of asbestos exposure, years of experience and scientific studies have provided information and data to help improve patient safety. With regard to cutting a woman's vagina during childbirth, most experts agree that, not only is it unnecessary, it is a health risk to the mother and may lead to obstetrical malpractice in some cases.

Parents agree to settle birth injury case

In Oregon and beyond, mothers rely on their medical teams to help keep themselves and their babies safe during labor and delivery. If a baby suffers a birth injury, an investigation is typically conducted to determine whether a licensed medical care provider was negligent. The parents of a brain-injured infant in another state filed a lawsuit after their child was born with a dangerously low heartbeat.

Suit claims delivery errors led to hysterectomy, baby's death

One of the most wonderfully exciting yet absolutely terrifying times of a woman's life is pregnancy. The level of both excitement and fear escalate when it is finally time for delivery. Although amazing medical procedures are performed every day in Oregon and across the globe, there are still significant risks and frequent complications when it comes to childbirth. One woman learned just how true that is when she went to the hospital to deliver her full-term baby boy. The medical malpractice lawsuit she has filed claims that delivery errors caused her to end up in intensive care, have a hysterectomy and lose her son.

Parents sue after after delivery errors cause brain injuries

It's the most magical time of a woman's life -- the moment when she finally gets to see and hold the child that she has been growing, loving and anticipating for 40 long weeks. For some in Oregon and other states, that moment is tainted with the realization that the baby she has longed for is not the healthy, happy infant she expected. Even more crushing is the discovery that the medical complications the child is crippled with were not developmental flaws but were instead caused by delivery errors. One mother is dealing with these horrible realizations after her healthy son was born with severe brain injuries, allegedly due to delivery errors.

Failure to anticipate problems resulted in severe birth injury

The birth of a child is an eagerly anticipated event in the lives of Oregon families. The majority of pregnancies are monitored throughout the nine months, and problems can frequently be detected and prepared for ahead of time. A woman in another state experienced a traumatic birth injury that caused permanent damage to her child that may have been preventable.

Postpartum complications can lead to obstetrical malpractice

Having a baby in Oregon should be an exciting time and the beginning of a new adventure. For many women in America, this is not always the case. A recent article cites statistics that indicate that the United States as a whole suffers from an alarmingly high maternal death rate. This in part is believed to be due to hospitals not following best practices in caring for new mothers following the birth of their children. This failure to follow best practices could lead to obstetrical malpractice suits.

Mother awarded $7 million after daughter suffers birth injury

Parents in Oregon understandably want the best care available for their children. From birth to adulthood, the lives of children can be greatly impacted by the level of health care they receive as they continue to grow and develop. Arguably, the most delicate time in any life is the moment of birth. Any mistake made during this crucial time may result in a birth injury that can have life-long effects on the child.

Family awarded over $11 million in obstetrical malpractice suit

The birth of a baby is a process that must be handled with precision and care. Birth is arguably the most vulnerable time in a person's life. Mistakes made during the birthing process can have lifelong ramifications for both the mother and infant. Unfortunately, obstetrical malpractice is more common than most people realize in Oregon and around the country. A family in another state was recently awarded over $11 million from a lawsuit filed after their son suffered a brain injury due to alleged negligence during the birth.

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