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Was your condition made worse due to nursing negligence?

There are many highly skilled, experienced and excellent nurses in Oregon. Sadly, however, nursing negligence exists in this state, as it does in others. When a licensed nurse cuts corners or disregards regulations to save time, patients and their families are often the ones to suffer because of it. This is why patients do well to be as proactive as possible regarding their own health care.

Nursing errors can cause catastrophic post-op injury

Surgeons are a very skilled group of professionals. People trust them to literally have their well-being, and even their lives, in their hands in Oregon. Some surgical procedures are more delicate than others. Surgery involving the eyes can be particularly delicate, and the success of the surgery is frequently somewhat dependent on post-op nursing care. Failure to adequately administer post-op care can result in nursing errors.

Nursing errors can have long-term ramifications

When a loved one is admitted to a hospital in Oregon and requires surgery it is reasonable to expect that a certain level of care will be delivered. Patients and their families trust the surgeons and medical staff to be able to deliver the care needed. While there is risk involved with any medical procedure, a person should be able to trust that the person performing the procedure has the experience and know-how to properly carry out the procedure. Lack of such knowledge and experience led to nursing errors in a case in another state.

Unexplained infant injuries possibly the result of nursing errors

Fewer events are happier in a young family's life in Oregon than welcoming a new baby. The joy of giving birth to a healthy baby knows no bounds for most people. As joyous as the birth may be, finding out something has happened or may be wrong can fill a new parent with fear and dread. Five families are facing that fear after a possible case of nursing errors in a NICU in another state.

Nursing negligence contributes to mental health facility woes

Having to commit a loved one to a mental health facility can be a very painful and emotional experience. A person  would hope that his or her loved one would receive the required care and be safe. In a prominent Oregon mental health facility, this may not always be the case. There have been many recent instances of nursing negligence that threatened patient safety.

Nursing negligence can exist in mental hospitals

Mental illness can be devastating to the person who is suffering and also to the family and loved ones of the afflicted individual in Oregon. When a person needs to be hospitalized for his or her condition, family and loved ones trust the facility to provide a high level of care to their loved one. Sadly, this is not always the case and nursing negligence can occur.

Nursing negligence can cause preventable death

Having to commit a loved one to an Oregon nursing home can be a very difficult and emotional decision. Once the decision is made, a family hopes they are making the right decision for their loved one and that they have found the best care possible. When that care falls short mistakes and accidents can occur that can end in a case of nursing negligence.

Nursing negligence and ALS prove to be catastrophic

When loved ones are entrusted to skilled nursing and healthcare facilities in Oregon, the patient's family expect that their loved one will receive appropriate and mandated care. If care instructions are not followed, nursing negligence can result in a tragedy. This occurred in a recent case where a patient on a ventilator passed away. The probable cause was a ventilator failure.

Concern about nursing negligence can cause feelings of guilt

Making the decision to have a loved one admitted to a nursing home in Oregon can be a decision fraught with guilt and doubt.  It is not a decision that is made lightly. When such a decision ultimately results in the death of the loved one due to possible nursing negligence on the part of the nursing home entrusted with the loved one's care, guilt and doubt may join feelings of anger and the desire for answers.

Nursing negligence can be a reality in nursing homes

Caring for elderly parents in Oregon can be a very difficult situation. Typically, one's parents are aging at the same time children are growing up. Children and aging parents end up needing more attention at the same time. Frequently, the situation is too much to handle. A nursing home may become the best solution but sadly nursing negligence does happen.