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Woman claims nursing errors sent her to the intensive care unit

Traditionally, nurses in Oregon and around the world are thought of as physician assistants and the daily caretakers of medical patients. However, in today's world of health care, nurses are tasked with so much more. From sorting medications and electronically charting symptoms to just being there for emotional support, it's no secret that nurses play a vital and crucial role in the lives of their patients. However, since nurses today are responsible for such a wide range of duties, it is becoming more and more likely for nursing errors to occur.

Alleged nursing negligence leads to death of elderly patient

Nursing facilities in Oregon and across the country provide daily care on a personal level and are great for patients that do not need to stay in a hospital but also cannot live alone at home. Like all medical facilities, nursing facilities depend on well-trained and skilled professionals to provide care for their patients and residents. However, these days, high patient volumes and over-worked nurses may lead to nursing negligence.

Nursing errors allegedly cause mother's injuries

When it comes to the day-to-day care of Oregon patients, nurses play possibly the most important role. From sorting medications to providing moral and emotional support, nurses are often considered the heroes of the medical world. However, due to the high demands in the nursing profession, nurses are often overworked and understaffed and this may lead to nursing errors and neglect in patient care. When a nurse fails to do his or her job and causes injury to a patient, legal action can be taken.

Alleged nursing negligence blamed for woman's death

Most nurses in the state of Oregon are well-trained professionals who excel in patient care. Unfortunately, nurses these days are often understaffed and are overworked as a result. Long, tiring shifts can contribute to mistakes and sometimes negligence. Statistics say that nursing negligence is one of the leading causes of injury in the United States today. Recently in another state, a lawsuit was filed after alleged negligence led to the death of a woman in a nursing home.

Lawsuit filed after alleged nursing errors cause suffering

Nurses are often considered the heroes of the medical world. Traditionally, nurses assisted doctors during procedures and provided day-to-day personal care of patients. However, today's nurses fill these stereotypical roles while also being tasked with other things like keeping up with medications and medical charts. In addition to this added workload, nurses in Oregon and across America are often understaffed, so the tediousness of these tasks is often exacerbated by long, exhausting shifts. Grueling hours and increased work loads can result in nursing errors.

Father's death attributed to nursing negligence

Nurses are traditionally seen as apron-wearing doctor's assistants that manage the basic bedside care of medical patients. However, today's nurses are tasked with not only overseeing the day-to-day needs of patients, but they are also responsible for coordinating patient care and are making increasingly complex clinical decisions that used to be made by doctors. An aging population in Oregon and across the country continues to increase patient volumes, which in turn creates increased workloads for understaffed nurses. This is a major factor that can contribute to mistakes or even negligence. Two brothers in another state recently filed a lawsuit after their father died due to alleged nursing negligence.

Death of patient attributed to alleged nursing negligence

Nurses and medical providers in the state of Oregon are required to have years of academic and on-the-job training in order to treat and care for patients. When patients are admitted to hospitals and medical facilities, nurses provide the majority of the care, so they play a crucial role in the care of the patient. Unfortunately, when front-line medical workers such as nurses make mistakes, the patient suffers the consequences. A lawsuit was recently filed after an elderly female patient in another state died due to alleged nursing negligence.

Alleged nursing negligence leads to death of mother

Nurses play a vital role in the daily care of patients in Oregon and across the country. Nurses. like all medical professionals, are required to have years of academic and on-the-job training in order to properly treat and care for patients. Unfortunately, health care facilities these days are often understaffed, and nurses are forced to work long hours, leading to exhaustion. When a nurse fails to properly do his or her job, the patient suffers. Recently, a woman in another state filed a lawsuit after she claims nursing negligence led to the death of her mother.

Alleged nursing errors cause injuries to elderly patient

Being in charge of the daily needs of patients makes nurses a vital part of modern health care. These days, more and more nurses in the state of Oregon and across the country are tasked with duties that traditionally belonged to physicians. More involved and intensive patient care combined with notoriously long shifts increases the likelihood of nursing errors. Recently, a lawsuit was filed in another state after alleged negligent care by nurses left a patient injured.

Patient suffers due to alleged nursing negligence

Nurses oversee the day-to-day care and well-being of their patients, and by doing so, they play one of the most vital roles in health care today. Nurses, like all medical professionals, have an obligation to treat patients with a certain standard of care. When this standard of care is not met, the patient is directly affected and ultimately suffers. In the state of Oregon and all across the country, when the patient suffers injury or death as a result of negligent care, nurses and other care providers can be held accountable. A patient in another state recently lost her life due to alleged nursing negligence and legal action is being pursued.