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July 2018 Archives

Postpartum complications can lead to obstetrical malpractice

Having a baby in Oregon should be an exciting time and the beginning of a new adventure. For many women in America, this is not always the case. A recent article cites statistics that indicate that the United States as a whole suffers from an alarmingly high maternal death rate. This in part is believed to be due to hospitals not following best practices in caring for new mothers following the birth of their children. This failure to follow best practices could lead to obstetrical malpractice suits.

Failure to diagnose injuries can result in lethal complications

One of the most painful injuries many children remember from childhood is the injury suffered when a finger was slammed in a car door. While the pain was excruciating and not forgotten, most recovered quickly and went on to other adventures unscathed. For one Oregon woman, the injury had a tragic outcome that resulted in a case of medical negligence as a result of multiple doctors' failure to diagnose complications from a simple injury.

Nursing negligence can exist in mental hospitals

Mental illness can be devastating to the person who is suffering and also to the family and loved ones of the afflicted individual in Oregon. When a person needs to be hospitalized for his or her condition, family and loved ones trust the facility to provide a high level of care to their loved one. Sadly, this is not always the case and nursing negligence can occur.

Nursing negligence can cause preventable death

Having to commit a loved one to an Oregon nursing home can be a very difficult and emotional decision. Once the decision is made, a family hopes they are making the right decision for their loved one and that they have found the best care possible. When that care falls short mistakes and accidents can occur that can end in a case of nursing negligence.

Nursing negligence and ALS prove to be catastrophic

When loved ones are entrusted to skilled nursing and healthcare facilities in Oregon, the patient's family expect that their loved one will receive appropriate and mandated care. If care instructions are not followed, nursing negligence can result in a tragedy. This occurred in a recent case where a patient on a ventilator passed away. The probable cause was a ventilator failure.