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June 2018 Archives

Failure to diagnose cancer in its early stages can be devastating

Cancer is a horrible disease. While survival rates have increased and it's not the death sentence it once was, the diagnosis can still be devastating. Some cancers are unique to women. The symptoms of these cancers can present as appearing to be something else, particularly if other conditions that commonly present with the cancer are not present. In Oregon and across the country, failure to diagnose in the case of cancer can be devastating.

A routine test ends in a medical negligence suit

People in Oregon know that periodic checkups with their physician are a good idea for helping to maintain good overall health. On occasion a checkup may result in a doctor requesting certain tests. The tests are required to check for the presence of disease or to rule out suspicions of disease. Typically, patients trust the doctors tasked with carrying out the tests to carry them out carefully and correctly. Failure to carry out a test carefully and accurately could result in a medical negligence case.

Failure to follow prescribing orders causes medical negligence

Construction workers in Oregon occasionally suffer serious injuries. Sometimes the injuries cause permanent damage that require continuous care and medication. A case of this nature has resulted in a case of medical negligence concerning a prescription pain medication.

Concern about nursing negligence can cause feelings of guilt

Making the decision to have a loved one admitted to a nursing home in Oregon can be a decision fraught with guilt and doubt.  It is not a decision that is made lightly. When such a decision ultimately results in the death of the loved one due to possible nursing negligence on the part of the nursing home entrusted with the loved one's care, guilt and doubt may join feelings of anger and the desire for answers.