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February 2018 Archives

Family awarded over $11 million in obstetrical malpractice suit

The birth of a baby is a process that must be handled with precision and care. Birth is arguably the most vulnerable time in a person's life. Mistakes made during the birthing process can have lifelong ramifications for both the mother and infant. Unfortunately, obstetrical malpractice is more common than most people realize in Oregon and around the country. A family in another state was recently awarded over $11 million from a lawsuit filed after their son suffered a brain injury due to alleged negligence during the birth.

Failure to diagnose cancer leads to injuries and a lawsuit

A timely diagnosis is one of the most important weapons in the fight against diseases such as cancer. A diagnosis is often the first step in treating cancer and any delay in the diagnosis process can result in permanent injury to the patient or even death. Even though patients in Oregon and across the country have access to some of the best medical technology the world has ever seen, this technology is useless if a diagnosis is never made in the first place. A failure to diagnose cancer can eliminate any chance for the patient to make a full recovery.

Medical negligence can cause injury even in minor procedures

When it comes to surgery, even the most minor procedures should be handled with extreme care. Surgeons, doctors and all medical professionals must always remain focused as they literally hold the patients' lives in their hands. Medical professionals in Oregon and across the country have a duty to treat each patient with care, and any deviation from this level of care can result in injuries to the patient. Very routine and common tasks such as placing an IV line can significantly injure patients, especially when medical negligence is thrown into the equation. A woman in another state allegedly experienced this same scenario and she subsequently filed a lawsuit.

Family settles suit for $4 million after alleged delivery errors

The first seconds of a person's life are often the most fragile. Any mistakes made during childbirth can affect the child for the rest of his or her life. Doctors and nurses in Oregon and across the country are usually focused and attentive to both the mother and baby during all phases of the delivery process. However, mistakes or negligence during this delicate process can have life-long implications for both the parents and child. In another state, a lawsuit was filed after delivery errors resulted in brain injuries to a newborn.