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January 2018 Archives

$40 million awarded to family of girl who suffered birth injury

The most joyful occasion in the lives of Oregon couples is the birth of their children. Unfortunately, this wonderful experience can be a time of tragedy when a birth injury occurs. Errors made during delivery may cause the child and parents a lifetime of pain and suffering. A girl in another state was recently awarded millions of dollars from a lawsuit that was filed by her parents after the girl allegedly suffered a spinal cord injury during birth.

Alleged nursing negligence leads to death of elderly patient

Nursing facilities in Oregon and across the country provide daily care on a personal level and are great for patients that do not need to stay in a hospital but also cannot live alone at home. Like all medical facilities, nursing facilities depend on well-trained and skilled professionals to provide care for their patients and residents. However, these days, high patient volumes and over-worked nurses may lead to nursing negligence.

Medical malpractice suit filed after death of father

It is common for most people to associate recent advancements in health care with safer procedures and lower mortality rates. While this largely remains true, mistakes are still made in Oregon and around the country. Doctors and surgeons are human, and errors and imperfections are part of the human element in all walks of life. However, when mistakes are made in the medical field, the lives of patients are directly affected and put at risk. A medical malpractice lawsuit was filed against a cardiologist in another state over claims that his negligence resulted in the death of a patient.

Nursing errors allegedly cause mother's injuries

When it comes to the day-to-day care of Oregon patients, nurses play possibly the most important role. From sorting medications to providing moral and emotional support, nurses are often considered the heroes of the medical world. However, due to the high demands in the nursing profession, nurses are often overworked and understaffed and this may lead to nursing errors and neglect in patient care. When a nurse fails to do his or her job and causes injury to a patient, legal action can be taken.

Surgical errors happen despite advancements in medical technology

Surgery in Oregon and across the country is safer than ever before with the advanced technology available in today's world of health care. Even though great technological strides have been made in the medical field, doctors and surgeons are human and surgical errors can still occur. Surprisingly, it is not unheard of for surgical tools to be left inside patients after a surgery. This is allegedly what happened to a woman in another state and she has filed a lawsuit.