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October 2017 Archives

Woman's surgical mistake the result of alleged medical negligence

Although doctors in Oregon are mostly highly skilled and highly trained professionals, they are also human and will make mistakes. While some mistakes are completely unexpected and unavoidable, others can be prevented and avoided. Mistakes in the clinical world can be greatly minimized by taking the necessary and proper precautions to protect patients. Unfortunately, when mistakes happen in the medical field, the patient suffers the consequences. A woman in another state recently filed a lawsuit after alleged medical negligence left her permanently damaged.

Medical negligence: $4 million awarded to family of young mother

Most Oregon residents are not aware that negligence in the medical field is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. When medical negligence results in injury or death, legal action can be pursued. A family in another state was recently awarded $4 million from a lawsuit they filed after their family member died as a result of negligence. The deceased was a soon-to-be mother that died during child birth. The lawsuit claimed the woman's physicians and medical providers failed to take the necessary precautions to prevent the young mother's untimely death.

Lawsuit filed after alleged nursing errors cause suffering

Nurses are often considered the heroes of the medical world. Traditionally, nurses assisted doctors during procedures and provided day-to-day personal care of patients. However, today's nurses fill these stereotypical roles while also being tasked with other things like keeping up with medications and medical charts. In addition to this added workload, nurses in Oregon and across America are often understaffed, so the tediousness of these tasks is often exacerbated by long, exhausting shifts. Grueling hours and increased work loads can result in nursing errors.

Woman awarded nearly $5.8 million from medical malpractice suit

When undergoing a medical procedure, there is always a certain level of risk involved. These days, with educated and skilled medical professionals and highly advanced medical technology in place, surgical procedures are safer than ever before in Oregon and across the United States. Despite these advancements in patient safety and care, mistakes still occur far too often in the world of health care. A recent medical malpractice lawsuit in another state can offer hope to victims of negligence in the medical field.