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September 2017 Archives

Woman seeks $10 million in damages in medical malpractice suit

Medical workers in Oregon and across the United States are trusted to care for literally thousands of patients each day. However, in today's world of health care, many doctors and nurses are forced to work long hours and are short staffed. This can contribute to mistakes and negligence during medical procedures. Tragically, when surgeons and physicians are careless and make errors during procedures, the patient has to live with the consequences. A lawsuit was recently filed in another state, citing medical malpractice after a physician allegedly caused permanent damage to a patient.

$2.65 settlement awarded to family in medical malpractice suit

Patient care and safety have become a top priority in hospitals and medical facilities across the nation. Despite this, statistics show that thousands of people in the United States are injured or killed each year due to medical malpractice. In the state of Oregon and across the country, those who believe they or their loved ones were harmed by substandard medical care have the right to take legal action. Recently, the family of a deceased man in another state received a settlement of $2.65 million as a result of a lawsuit they filed after the man died due to alleged negligence in a medical procedure.

Alleged medical negligence leaves injuries after dental procedure

Like all medical professionals in the state of Oregon and around the country, dentists are required to treat their patients appropriately and with an acceptable standard of care. Dental patients often undergo complicated procedures that require anesthesia, so they place their trust and their lives in the hands of dentists. However, dentists, like doctors, can commit medical negligence. When negligence occurs in the field of dentistry, the affected patients can be left with permanent disfigurement and substantial injuries. A woman in another state has filed a lawsuit over claims that was left with permanent injuries after a fairly routine dental procedure.

Jury awards woman more than $3 million after failure to diagnose

When patients in Oregon go for a medical procedure, they place their trust and lives in the hands of doctors and nurses. Unfortunately, medical professionals can make mistakes and betray the trust of patients. Timing is absolutely crucial when it comes to the successful treatment of patients. A failure to diagnose a disease can delay vital treatment and endanger the life of the patient. A woman in another state was recently awarded over $3 million from a lawsuit she filed after doctors allegedly delayed in diagnosing her with breast cancer.