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Father dies as a result of alleged medical negligence

When Oregon residents undergo a medical procedure, they place their trust in the hands of doctors and nurses. The majority of medical professionals in the United States are certified, well-trained professionals. Despite training and experience, doctors and nurses still make mistakes. Unfortunately, medical negligence is one of the leading causes of injury in the country. A lawsuit was recently filed by the children of a deceased man in another state over claims that negligence from medical professionals caused the death of their father.

According to the lawsuit, negligence by professionals at a medical facility led to the death of the plaintiffs' father. The plaintiffs claim that their father suffered from an intra-abdominal infection, and doctors failed to explore and adequately drain the abscess. Allegedly, due to this inadequate and negligent care, their father suffered massive hemorrhage and chronic anemia.

The plaintiffs' father later died as a result of these injuries, the lawsuit claims. The plaintiffs claim they suffered great mental pain and anguish, as well as the loss of the guidance and service of their father. The plaintiffs seek trial by jury in West Virginia, where the tragedy occurred, as well as punitive and compensatory damages.

When negligence occurs in the field of health care, the effects can be devastating. Doctors and other medical professionals in Oregon can be held accountable for medical negligence. Victims and their families can benefit by seeking the services of a knowledgeable personal injury attorney. A successful lawsuit could result in a substantial monetary award to victims and their families.

Source:, "Children allege medical care providers' negligence led to father's death", Noddy A. Fernandez, June 16, 2017

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