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Patient suffers loss of toe due to alleged medical negligence

Despite years of training and experience, doctors and medical professionals are not exempt from making mistakes. Medical negligence happens every day and is more common than many people realize. Fortunately, laws exist in Oregon and across the country that protect patients from carelessness and malpractice in the medical field. Recently, a man in another state filed a lawsuit after alleged negligent care caused significant injury.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff was admitted to a hospital after a skiing accident. The plaintiff alleges that, after visiting the emergency room multiple times, officials initially failed to refer him to the appropriate medical personnel with proper training about skiing injuries. The patient was eventually admitted to a hospital and, while there, was allegedly victimized by negligent care that led to the loss of his toe.

The plaintiff claims that he had a pre-existing condition, and doctors failed to take this pre-existing condition into account. This allegedly led to circulation problems in the patient's foot, and eventually caused him to lose his toe. The plaintiff is seeking a monetary judgment for financial losses.

Unfortunately, when a mistake is made in the medical field, the patient suffers in more ways than one. Every day patients in Oregon and around the country are injured or die as a result of medical negligence. Doctors and medical professionals can be held accountable for negligent care. A successful lawsuit could provide a sense of justice and financial relief to an injured victim facing mounting medical expenses due to personal injury.

Source:, "N.J. man sues doctors over toe lost following skiing incident", Craig McCarthy, Feb. 22, 2017

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