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January 2017 Archives

Alleged nursing negligence results in patient's death

Nurses in the state of Oregon are required to have years of schooling and training in order to treat and care for patients. However, this extensive training does not prevent mistakes from occurring. When a nurse fails to properly do his or her job, the patient suffers. Nursing negligence occurs when a nurse or nurses fail to take reasonable steps to prevent injury to a patient. A lawsuit was recently filed in another state after a patient died as a result of alleged negligence.

Family of deceased daughter alleges medical negligence

Despite staggering advancements in patient care and safety, mistakes still happen in the medical field at an alarming rate. The majority of doctors and nurses in the state of Oregon and across the country are well-qualified and well-trained professionals, but this does not make them immune to mistakes. Thousands of patients are injured or die as a result of medical negligence every year. Unfortunately, some of these mistakes can be fatal. A lawsuit recently filed by a family in another state underscores how incompetence in the medical field can have deadly consequences.

Medical negligence results in amputation

Doctors, nurses and all medical professionals in Oregon and elsewhere endure years of training. However, years of training and experience does not make them immune to mistakes. In fact, medical negligence is one of the leading causes of personal injury and death across the United States. Recently, a man from another state filed a a medical malpractice claim, alleging that negligence by surgeons eventually resulted in the amputation of his leg.

Medical malpractice contributes to death of young mother

Physicians and all medical professionals in the state of Oregon have an obligation to treat patients with respect and care. However, doctors and nurses make mistakes like all humans. Medical mistakes happen every day and are more common than most people realize. Recently, a lawsuit was filed after alleged medical malpractice resulted in the death of a young mother in another state.