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November 2016 Archives

Mother claims medical malpractice attributed to child's suffering

Parents in Oregon want the best available care for their children, especially when their children are sick. They trust that well-qualified professionals will be able to provide the medical care that their child needs. However, despite years of training and experience, doctors are human, and like all humans, they too make mistakes. Recently, an out-of-state mother took action over claims that misdiagnosis and medical malpractice resulted in prolonged and unnecessary suffering for her son.

Death of patient attributed to nursing negligence

Nurses play an important role in the care and treatment of patients in hospitals and medical facilities throughout the country. Nurses have a significant amount of contact and interactions with patients and the families of their patients. In today's fast-paced environment, nurses are frequently understaffed and can quickly become overworked and exhausted. As a result, nursing negligence claims in Oregon are becoming more and more common. Recently, a lawsuit was filed against a nursing home in another state alleging that nursing negligence played a role in the death of a patient

Children's dental clinic accused of medical malpractice

Like all medical professionals, dentists are required to treat their patients with care. However, many Oregon residents are unaware that dentists, like physicians, can be held responsible for medical malpractice. Patients involved in dental procedures trust that their dentists are capable professionals, but what happens when these patients are victims of neglect? Recently, multiple lawsuits citing fraud and medical malpractice were filed against a children's dental clinic in another state.

Medical malpractice results in death of toddler

The death of a loved one is a devastating and traumatic experience. The trauma is magnified when a loved one is lost through the negligence of another party. Unfortunately, medical malpractice claims the lives of many Oregon residents each year. It occurs when a health-care provider does not provide the accepted standard of care in the treatment of a patient. Recently, a lawsuit was filed claiming that negligent care attributed to the death of a 3-year-old patient.