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September 2016 Archives

Can an apology be used as evidence in medical malpractice claim?

Despite years of training and success in treating patients, any physician here in Oregon or elsewhere can potentially make a mistake that ends up causing serious or deadly harm to a patient. When an error is discovered, a doctor might express regret or apologize to the patient and/or the family. In some cases, this is enough to keep the injured party or the family from filing a medical malpractice claim, but in other cases, it is the impetus for filing such a claim.

4 of the worst anesthesiology and surgical errors in modern times

The number of mistakes made during surgeries has prompted patients here in Oregon and elsewhere to take drastic measures to help ensure that their procedures go well. Patients are taking more time to ask questions and to choose the surgeon that makes them most comfortable, and many are writing on themselves to identify the body part that requires surgery. Many of these extra measures taken by patients are the result of hearing nightmare stories regarding anesthesiology and surgical errors.

Post-surgical errors can lead to debilitating infections

One of the primary risks associated with nearly every operation is the risk of infection. Monitoring a patient after a surgical procedure is crucial in order to eliminate this risk, or at least identify an infection early so that it can be dealt with and not cause any additional harm to the patient. Post-surgical errors that fail to protect an Oregon patient from debilitating infections could cause severe injuries or even death.

Negligence claims often arise out of emergency room mistakes

Emergency medicine is often unpredictable since practically any medical problem can present itself at any time. The medical staff that tend to patients who come into the emergency room are able to successfully deal with a multitude of different health problems and injuries, but there is also the potential for mistakes that could put a patient's life in jeopardy. Many negligence claims filed here in Oregon and elsewhere arise out of errors made by emergency room staff.

Settlement reached in obstetrical malpractice claim

Preeclampsia is a dangerous condition that many pregnant women here in Oregon and elsewhere develop. The condition is characterized by high blood pressure, swelling in the extremities and protein in the urine, along with other symptoms. If a pregnant woman develops preeclampsia, it can lead to seizures and death for either or both the mother and the child. If a doctor fails to diagnose the condition and appropriate measures are not taken to protect the mother and her unborn child, it could constitute obstetrical malpractice.