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August 2016 Archives

Is medical negligence to blame for woman's amputations?

Oregon residents might be aware of the fact that there are now virulent bacteria that require aggressive treatment as quickly as possible in order to avoid adverse health consequences. People across the country have suffered serious, permanent disabilities or even died from these bacteria. Some individuals might have been spared had it not been for medical negligence.

Orthopedists and medical malpractice claims

Insurers conduct studies periodically in order to detect trends when it comes to claims. This includes medical malpractice insurers such as The Doctors Company. Recently, this medical malpractice insurer released results of a study regarding claims against orthopedists (doctors who specialize in bones) across the country, which might include some here in Oregon.

Medical malpractice claim has unusual allegations

Most claims against doctors, nurses and hospitals here in Oregon and around the country are based on the errors that were allegedly made by them. A medical malpractice claim filed by a family against a group of doctors and a hospital includes an unusual allegation, in addition to negligence. The family claims that the death of their loved one was due in part to monetary issues between the cardiology group and the hospital that attended to him.

Failure to diagnose in a timely manner led to man's death

Time is of the essence in many medical emergencies. The failure to diagnose a patient's condition in a timely manner by doctors here in Oregon and elsewhere could cost that person's life. Surviving family members from another state filed a medical malpractice lawsuit, claiming that doctors waited too long to determine that their loved one had a life-threatening condition that ultimately caused his death.