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May 2016 Archives

Family says failure to diagnose caused man's death

Far too many people here in Oregon and elsewhere know what it is like when a doctor fails to make the right diagnosis and, subsequently, the right treatment. In some cases, the correct diagnosis if finally reached with no harm to the patient. However, in other cases, a failure to diagnose has deadly consequences.

Research could help reduce medical malpractice claims

Despite years of training and/or experience, doctors are still capable of making mistakes. Some of these mistakes lead to medical malpractice claims. It is these claims that are being researched by many hospitals and insurers around the country, perhaps including some here in Oregon, in order to identify any trends that could be addressed in an attempt to reduce the potential harm to patients.

Medical malpractice is a leading cause of death

Oregon residents go to hospitals in order to be diagnosed and treated for whatever ails them. Most people do not think that, in doing so, they will end up the victim of a serious medical error that could cost them their lives. Even so, medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death here in the United States.

Plastic surgeon sued for medical malpractice

In many cases, plastic surgery is what is referred to as an elective surgery, performed to augment, enhance or somehow improve a patient's facial features or body parts. However, just because in many cases the procedures are not medically necessary, that does not mean that a surgeon here in Oregon or elsewhere should feel free to deceive his or patients by knowingly using substandard products that could potentially seriously injury or kill the patient. Doing would likely constitute medical malpractice.