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April 2016 Archives

Jury says surgical errors caused woman's infertility

Nearly every Oregon resident has heard horror stories about a surgeon operating on the wrong organ. It can be easy to dismiss these surgical errors as myths, but for the patients who have been through it, they are very real. Patients have ended up with serious, permanent and debilitating injuries -- if they survived at all.

Radiologists are sued for failure to diagnose and communicate

Radiologists are responsible for interpreting imaging data and relaying their findings to other doctors. Oregon patients expect for these doctors to correctly read their images and be in contact with their doctors. If there is a failure to diagnose a condition based on the imaging, or if the radiologist fails to maintain communication with other doctors, it could be considered medical malpractice.

The failure to diagnose cancer could be medical malpractice

Detecting many types of cancer in their early stages often increases the chances that a patient will survive. The failure to diagnose cancer in a timely manner could ultimately be a death sentence for the patient. The fact that the diagnosis came too late could be construed as medical malpractice by courts here in Oregon and across the country.

What are the main sources of medical malpractice claims?

It is most likely safe to say that no one in Oregon expects to go see a doctor and end up in worse shape than when he or she sought medical assistance. Sadly, this happens more often than people are willing to admit. In fact, estimates indicate that only around 2.9 percent of people who are victims of medical malpractice seek compensation through the court system.