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December 2015 Archives

Widow claims surgical errors, not heart attack, killed husband

Unfortunately, not every patient checking into an Oregon hospital for a surgical procedure leaves alive. Some of them die of surgical complications that fall within the risks of the procedure and/or natural causes. Others, however, die due to surgical errors.

Did an overnight delay in testing constitute medical negligence?

Many Oregon residents end up being admitted to the hospital while doctors attempt to ascertain their conditions. It might take extensive testing before doctors know what the condition is and how to treat it. If doctors fail to conduct the appropriate testing in a timely manner, the subsequent delay in treatment might constitute medical negligence.

Mother says baby was injured due to nursing negligence

Having a baby is supposed to be one of the happiest times in any Oregon parent's life. When something goes wrong, it can be devastating and rob both the parents and the child of a normal life. If it turns out that nursing negligence caused injury to a child, it may be possible to seek restitution through the filing of a medical malpractice claim.

Orthopedic surgical errors can leave patients seriously injured

Orthopedics is the medical discipline that deals with correcting skeletal injuries and deformities. Patients of Oregon orthopedic surgeons suffer from a variety of maladies caused by car accidents, sports injuries and degenerative diseases, among others. These surgeons can, in many cases, change the lives of their patients. The same is true if surgical errors occur -- except the changes are serious and/or debilitating injuries.

Doctor faces multiple medical malpractice claims

Oregon readers would most likely agree that patients tend to trust the surgeons who operate on them. Many people in two states gave their trust to a surgeon who promised to resolve their spinal issues. Unfortunately, the surgeon was not trustworthy and now faces numerous medical malpractice lawsuits and could even wind up in prison.