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November 2015 Archives

Post-surgical errors in treatment can be catastrophic

Oregon residents who are about to undergo a surgical procedure are often concerned with the risks involved in the surgery itself. What many may not realize is that the treatment they receive before and after the procedure is just as important. Post-surgical errors can have devastating consequences.

Parents sue for delivery errors that permanently injured baby

Having a baby is supposed to be one of the most joyous occasions in Oregon parents' lives. However, when delivery errors occur that cause permanent injuries to their newborns, dreams they may have had for their children could be shattered. A child may be left with a debilitating handicap that could require medical care and other accommodations for the rest of his or her life.

A failure to diagnose might be traced to botched tests

In 1988, Congress passed a law that allows simple and low-risk tests to be done in laboratories without oversight. Oregon residents need to know that this means that anyone can perform these tests without any formal training. A doctor's failure to diagnose a patient's condition might be traced to a botched test that is covered by this law.

Study finds that surgical errors include medication mistakes

When Oregon residents think about what can go wrong during a surgical procedure, many of them might not consider that being given the wrong medication is a possibility. Patients are often given more than one medication during a procedure, and if they are not given the proper medication or dosage, it could be disastrous. In fact, one study found that surgical errors involving medications are more common that anyone would like to believe.