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October 2015 Archives

Jury awards $12M in Oregon medical malpractice case

Surgeons generally get all of the attention when it comes to surgical procedures. As important as the surgeon is, one other person in the room is equally as important, if not more so in some cases. If an anesthesiologist makes a mistake, the patient can suffer serious injury or die. A medical malpractice case recently decided here in Oregon dealt with such an error.

Some surgical errors sound more like myth than reality

It may seem more like myth than reality that an Oregon surgeon could leave a foreign object inside a patient's body. However, this is just one of the surgical errors that occurs more frequently than anyone would like. One estimate shows that every week nearly 39 patients end up with foreign objects left in them by surgeons.

Failure to diagnose breast cancer could be fatal

These days, it might be difficult for an Oregon resident to say that he or she does not know someone personally -- or have a friend who knows someone -- who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, this is one type of cancer that has a high survivability rate as long as it is found early and an appropriate course of treatment begins quickly. A failure to diagnose breast cancer within this window could be fatal.

Most paid medical malpractice claims are due to diagnostic errors

Some Oregon residents may be familiar with the frustrations of being ill but not knowing why. Patients turn to doctors to find the causes of their symptoms and help them regain their health, but diagnosing a source is sometimes easier said than done. In some cases, patients are incorrectly diagnosed, which can cause further deterioration of their health and delay treatments that could save their lives or, at minimum, prevent any further damage. One study shows that most medical malpractice claims that are paid are due to a failure to correctly diagnose a patients' conditions, sometimes with serious or fatal consequences.