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Surgical errors are not the only mistakes that injure or kill

When Oregon residents prepare to undergo a surgical procedure, a good portion of their angst most likely surrounds what might go wrong during the surgery. However, surgical errors are not the only mistakes that can injure or kill a patient. Post-operative complications cause many patients serious or fatal injuries and illnesses.

A patient's risk of post-surgical issues that can be life-threatening rises dramatically if the proper precautions are not taken by medical personnel. Patients need to be monitored for signs of infection and bleeding. If the care patients receive after surgery is not up to the acceptable standard, they could contract an infection -- such as MRSA -- or begin losing blood at a rate that could put their lives in jeopardy.

There is a time after nearly every surgical procedure when a patient is vulnerable to many maladies. If you suffered an injury, illness or infection after undergoing surgery, it could be that the medical staff attending to you was negligent in some way. A thorough investigation into your post-operative care is essential. The sooner the facts and any evidence are gathered, the better.

You have the right to seek restitution for the damages you incurred due to a medical mistake. If you believe that your post-operative care was substandard, contacting an attorney as soon as possible is crucial. Experts can review your medical records, including any instructions given by the surgeon. In some cases, the lack of appropriate instructions to you or medical staff has led to an Oregon patient's suffering. Just because no surgical errors occurred during the procedure does not mean that a surgeon is blameless for any post-surgical negligence.

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