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August 2015 Archives

Obstetrical malpractice claim filed by mother of stillborn child

Most Oregon mothers would agree that being pregnant is one of the most exciting and frightening experiences a woman will ever go through. Expectant mothers are at risk for a number of complications during pregnancy, and they rely on their obstetricians to take care of them and their unborn children. When a doctor betrays the trust of an expectant mother, it may constitute obstetrical malpractice.

Oregon patients may be able to track surgical errors

Oregon residents might agree that it would be helpful to know how many mistakes their potential surgeons had made during prior procedures. A new website may be able to provide that information. After won the right to access records kept by Medicare, it put together the website in order to track surgical errors.

Doctor accused of obstetrical malpractice in neighboring state

Oregon women may be glad that their obstetrician is not the same as one from a neighboring state who was recently suspended by the state's Department of Health. According to reports, he is considered to be a danger to the safety and health of the public. If the reports about him are true, he could be facing cases of obstetrical malpractice from the patients to whom he owed a duty of care.

Robotic surgical errors cause deaths and injuries to patients

Many hospitals and surgical centers in Oregon may employ the use of robots for some surgical procedures. Patients may be lured into a false sense of security regarding the safety of these procedures since the likelihood of human error is dramatically reduced. However, patients and their families need to be aware that robotic surgical errors do occur and have led to death and injuries to patients.