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June 2015 Archives

A failure to diagnose cancer could be medical malpractice

Many Oregon residents have a high incidence of risk factors for various types of cancer. Therefore, they rely on their physicians to keep them healthy by monitoring them for warning signs. Other doctors may neglect to obtain an accurate family history and would not know to be looking for the warning signs. A failure to diagnose cancer in a timely manner could be the difference between life and death for a patient.

Medical negligence can lead to serious injuries, even death

Many of the mistakes that medical personnel make could result in serious consequences for Oregon patients. Medical negligence comes in many forms, including a lapse in judgment. Policies and procedures are put in place in order to protect patients. When they are not followed, innocent people could pay the price.

Simple hospital record error leads to near-total paralysis

Patient medical records are important for a variety of reasons. Previous treatment and physician notes often inform any future treatments patients receive, and doctors need to access this information easily. This is largely why U.S. hospitals have been incentivized to switch to electronic health records.