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April 2015 Archives

When doctors are allowed to mistreat nurses, patient care suffers

One of the amazing opportunities that comes with being in a hospital is being cared for by a whole team of medical professionals. Patients may officially have just one or two doctors making big decisions, but they are also treated and monitored by perhaps half-a-dozen nurses with medical training and extensive experience.

Can unnecessary treatments constitute medical negligence?

Patient expectations may be highest with their doctors. However, hospital staff, therapists and other health care providers are all held accountable to a standard of care applicable to the medical industry. Accordingly, when a patient is harmed due to medical negligence, a claim of medical malpractice may be viable.

Do electronic medical records increase medical malpractice suits?

Various federal regulations require health care providers to keep electronic medical records, or EMRs. Lawmakers may have hoped that EMRs would improve visibility and accountability in patient care and the health care profession. For example, patients can access EMRs to better understand their condition, and other members of a patient’s health care team can consult EMRs for an instant status update on a patient’s progress and treatments. 

A medical misdiagnosis can result in pain and injuries

Some medical conditions may require lengthy diagnostic imaging or several different rounds and/or types of tests before the correct ailment can be determined. However, there is a standard of professional care to which doctors are accountable.

What happens to medical bills during a malpractice lawsuit?

When consumers dispute services in other contexts, they may withhold payment until an agreement or resolution is reached, in or out of the courtroom. But when a patient suspects medical negligence was the cause of his or her injury, how is the matter of medical bills handled?