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March 2015 Archives

Patient safety cannot be waived in a medical consent form

Readers of this medical malpractice blog know how important it is for a doctor to inform a patient of the risks and uncertainties that may surround a proposed treatment. Without that information, a patient’s decision cannot constitute informed consent. 

What can you do to protect yourself from surgical errors?

Entering a hospital or outpatient surgery center to undergo a procedure can be an understandably unnerving process. That's because you are not only worried about whether the operation will prove successful, but also whether you may fall victim to some sort of medical malpractice.

Must you sue for medical malpractice to get a fair settlement?

Sometimes you can’t get a fair settlement until you actually go to trial. Consider the example of a recent medical negligence case brought by a dental surgery patient. The woman claims that her surgery, a simple extraction of a baby tooth, left her with permanent nerve damage.