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January 2015 Archives

Medical malpractice litigation improves patient safety

According to several surveys, patients may be told about a medical error only in about one-third of cases. Critics of medical malpractice litigation claim that the fear of lawsuits may have a chilling effect on doctors being honest about their mistakes. Yet according to a recent review study, fear of being sued may be getting a bad rap.

Preventable medical errors: the third leading cause of death

Although cancer and heart disease are leading causes of death in the United States, readers may be surprised to learn the third highest cause: preventable medical errors. Specifically, over 400,000 people die each year in hospitals across the country from this cause. 

Judges agree that medical standard of care applies to ship nurse

An attorney that focuses on medical malpractice lawsuits knows that medical negligence is defined by whether the treatment at issue fell below the professional standard in the relevant medical community. Thanks to digitization, the borders of that community may be expanding. At a minimum, a patient in a facility in the United States might expect the standard to be national, rather than local.