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December 2014 Archives

Will a no-fault fund shield negligent doctors?

When a doctor’s negligence results in a birth injury, he or she may eventually have to answer for that conduct before a jury in a medical malpractice lawsuit. Yet some states have established a controversial no-fault fund, possibly to the detriment of that principle of accountability.

Can medical negligence also be against the law?

Although surgical errors may be more high-profile subjects of medical malpractice lawsuits, the truth is that injuries can result from negligence by any member of an individual's health care team. As a recent story reminds us, medication must also be properly filled at pharmacies.

Post-surgical care crucial to preventing complications

People are often elated when a loved one has made it safely through surgery, thinking that their family member is no longer in peril. But what many don’t realize is that surgery isn’t just a risk while the actual procedure is taking place.