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Medical malpractice suit filed after death of father

It is common for most people to associate recent advancements in health care with safer procedures and lower mortality rates. While this largely remains true, mistakes are still made in Oregon and around the country. Doctors and surgeons are human, and errors and imperfections are part of the human element in all walks of life. However, when mistakes are made in the medical field, the lives of patients are directly affected and put at risk. A medical malpractice lawsuit was filed against a cardiologist in another state over claims that his negligence resulted in the death of a patient.

The lawsuit was filed by the children of a man in another state after their father died from what the plaintiffs claim was an improperly installed defibrillator. The lawsuit says that the defendant replaced the man's original defibrillator in 2015 due to a bad generator. According to the suit, two days after later the patient started hearing beeps that signaled an alert in the device and also received shocks from the device. After an exam it was determined that the device was not properly attached to the man's heart, the lawsuit says.

Nursing errors allegedly cause mother's injuries

When it comes to the day-to-day care of Oregon patients, nurses play possibly the most important role. From sorting medications to providing moral and emotional support, nurses are often considered the heroes of the medical world. However, due to the high demands in the nursing profession, nurses are often overworked and understaffed and this may lead to nursing errors and neglect in patient care. When a nurse fails to do his or her job and causes injury to a patient, legal action can be taken.

A woman in another state has filed a lawsuit after her mother suffered injury due to alleged negligence in a nursing facility. The mother became a resident at the nursing facility in 2016. Allegedly, inadequate care and supervision caused the woman to suffer a fall.

Surgical errors happen despite advancements in medical technology

Surgery in Oregon and across the country is safer than ever before with the advanced technology available in today's world of health care. Even though great technological strides have been made in the medical field, doctors and surgeons are human and surgical errors can still occur. Surprisingly, it is not unheard of for surgical tools to be left inside patients after a surgery. This is allegedly what happened to a woman in another state and she has filed a lawsuit.

The lawsuit says the woman visited a hospital to have a tumor taken out of her abdomen. The surgery was thought to be successful and the woman was discharged, the suit says. However, in the days after the surgery, the woman claims she began to experience extreme pain in her abdomen, back and kidney area and visited the emergency room.

Investigation reveals boy's death was due to medical negligence

Many Oregon residents may not know that negligence in the field of healthcare is one of the leading causes of injury and death in the United States. Doctors, nurses, and other medical providers are entrusted with the care of thousands of patients each day. When mistakes are made, the effects are magnified, and consequences can be deadly for the patient. Parents in another state are pursuing legal action after they claim the death of their 9-year-old son was caused by medical negligence.

The child reportedly passed away almost two years ago, and an investigation into the incident recently concluded. According to reports, the child was admitted to the hospital after cutting his hand on glass while at school. Reports say it was recommended by doctors that the child have surgery to treat the wound.

2 lawsuits against the same doctor allege medical negligence

Negligence can happen in all walks of life, but when negligence happens in health care, the consequences can be devastating and permanent. Patients in Oregon visit medical providers with the expectation that they are receiving the best available care. Sadly, this is not always the case. Although most doctors are skilled professionals, some doctors make crucial errors. Two lawsuits were recently filed against a doctor in another state over claims of medical negligence.

The lawsuits were filed by the families of two female patients of the same doctor who died due to alleged negligence. The first lawsuit claims that the patient was prescribed Oxycodone and Xanax on her very first visit and that the medication was increased over the years. According to the lawsuit, the woman was prescribed Methadone in a dangerous amount that exceeded recommended dosage prior to her death.

Woman awarded $26 million in medical malpractice case

There is always a certain level of risk involved when patients undergo surgical procedures. Even though patient safety has vastly improved in recent years, countless patients are injured each year due to negligence and mistakes by doctors and surgeons. Health care professionals in Oregon and across the country are more educated and receive more training than ever before, but this does not exclude them from making mistakes. In another state, a woman suffered substantial injuries after a surgical procedure on her neck, and she was recently awarded a substantial judgment after filing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

The woman underwent neck fusion surgery, the lawsuit said, and experienced complications the following day. The day after the surgery, she was allegedly unable to swallow. The woman claimed she visited her surgeons informing them of her complications and, even though they allegedly found a large bubble on her windpipe, she was sent home. Only a few days later, the woman returned with swelling in her neck and trouble swallowing, the suit said.

Young woman's death the result of alleged medical negligence

Negligence can happen in all walks of life. Most of the time when negligence is experienced, the results are nothing more than an inconvenience. However, when negligence occurs in the field of health care, the consequences can be life-altering and even life-ending. Physicians, surgeons and all health care workers in Oregon are entrusted with the lives of their patients, and this responsibility may sometimes be taken for granted. A woman in another state recently lost her life as a result of alleged medical negligence, and her mother has filed a lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed against a medical facility in another state over allegations that the hospital neglected to tell the plaintiff that her daughter had a heart condition that eventually led to her daughters death. The daughter visited the emergency room of the hospital due to high blood pressure, the suit claims. Allegedly, she was prescribed medication, advised to follow-up with her doctor and released.

Alleged nursing negligence blamed for woman's death

Most nurses in the state of Oregon are well-trained professionals who excel in patient care. Unfortunately, nurses these days are often understaffed and are overworked as a result. Long, tiring shifts can contribute to mistakes and sometimes negligence. Statistics say that nursing negligence is one of the leading causes of injury in the United States today. Recently in another state, a lawsuit was filed after alleged negligence led to the death of a woman in a nursing home.

The lawsuit was filed against the operators of a nursing home by the family of a deceased woman over claims that negligence resulted in the death of their loved one. According to the suit, the woman was making her way along a hallway using a walker and was struck from behind by a laundry cart. The woman fell on her left side and hurt her hip and left leg, the lawsuit asserts.

Family awarded $1 million after man dies from medical negligence

The main duty of all health care providers is the care and safety of their patients. Surprisingly, patient safety may sometimes not be the priority for some doctors and nurses in Oregon and across the country. Health care workers are often understaffed and, in an effort to see more patients, may be rushed and not as thorough as needed. This can lead to mistakes and medical negligence. A recent lawsuit in another state ended with an award of $1 million to the family of a deceased man.

The lawsuit claimed that the man's death was the result of negligent care that he received while staying at a nursing facility. According to the lawsuit, the patient suffered multiple falls and broken bones, as well as pneumonia while staying at the facility. The patient came under the care of the facility after receiving a below-the-knee amputation, the lawsuit said.

Failure to diagnose allegedly leads to young girl's death

For patients in Oregon and around the world, time is one of the most crucial aspects in fighting diseases. Treatment has a much greater chance at being successful when diseases and sickness are diagnosed sooner rather than later. Great advancements have been made in health care technology to help ensure that patients are diagnosed and treated in a timely manner. Despite these advancements, mistakes can still be made by doctors that can delay life-saving treatment. When a failure to diagnose leads to injuries or death, legal action can be pursued.

A family in another state filed a lawsuit after their daughter died after doctors allegedly failed to properly diagnose her. The lawsuit claims that the young girl was taken by her parents to a local emergency room suffering from a high fever. While at the emergency room, providers allegedly noted that the young patient had shallow breathing and a rapid heartbeat. After checking labs and vitals, doctors sent the child home with a prescription for antibiotics to treat an ear infection.